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Clearvue Glass Ltd provides a comprehensive service offering design, supply, manufacture and installation of a complete range of architectural glass and glazed screens for a wide range of new build, refurbishment, heritage and contemporary projects across the UK, in both the high end residential and commercial sectors   Call 01420 479663 Email

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Our bespoke glass screens and glazed partitions are designed and installed to meet even the most ardent design briefs. .Working closely with Architects, Designers and Builders we provide technical expertise and full support from concept through to survey, manufacture and installation, ensuring that each bespoke glass project meets all relevant criteria and standards.

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The use of Architectural and structural glass enable us to design and install stunning glass partitions and screens and are further enhanced by toughened glass and toughened laminated glass. Which offer stunning and decorative practicalities in glazed screens, glass partitions and balustrades. Avalon glass are able to design, Manufacture and install glazed screens for both external and internal applications, all can be complimented by stunning and creative glass.The use of glass in the building fabric, enable architectural and structural balustrades and glazed screens to offer stylish and unassuming elements of the building to allow light to flow and creative spaces to be defined. Utilising a wealth of experience and the latest analytical software we are able to advise and guide architects and interior designers alike, on the structural and thermal properties of any proposed design whilst not comprising the project requirements.

Clearvue Glass complete fast track projects in Refurbishment, Fit out, Residential and Newbuild projects with Quality, Programme and budget constraints.

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Architectural and structural glasses are generic terms for glass used within a building envelope with minimal frame work or no framing to allow light to flow through the building Structural glass can be a bolted glazed screen or free standing balustrades another description could be self supporting glass, By the glass taking its own weight across a predetermined span. Which is best seen in glass floors or roofs walkways were the glass has been structurally calculated to take not only its own weight but the weight of designated loading as defined by the British standards for its area of application, also with specific applied wind and snow loads if used externally and exposed to the weather conditions.  

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We are able to offer cost effective solutions based on our own in house glass laminating facility which allows us to manufacture toughened and annealed laminated glass to a maximum size of 1800mm x 3600mm to be used in our extensive range of internal or external glass balustrades; glass shower screens; glass doors or internal glass screens; glass balconies, structural glass roof lights or structural glass windows, decorative glass wall finishes or a structural glass link between buildings.