Frameless glass balustrades

The Clearvue glass range of frameless glass balustrades are particularly versatile in all applications, providing a safe, durable balustrade, suitable for a wide range of staircases and structures A glass balustrade is a modern and stylish safety barrier, providing strength and safety in conjunction with maximum unobstructed views. Clearvue Glass customises the production of frameless glass balustrades to suit your design and specification. We have an in house laminating facility which enables us to offer an unrivalled service on frameless balustrades utilising toughened laminates of any thickness to enable the glass balustrade to withstand the loads applied and to fully conform to the British standards. 

Clearvue Glass frameless glass balustrades offers an enviable combination of strength, safety and style.

This outstanding glass balustrade provides maximum visibility and the strength to cope with ever more demanding areas. It has high aesthetics combining smooth, minimalist lines with variable glass thickness’s to suit almost every possible requirement. Suitable for both external and internal use, the free standing glass balustrade requires no supporting or intermediate uprights.

Clearvue glass offers one of the most comprehensive packages of standards-compliant solutions in the market. Modular handrail and balustrading solutions in stainless steel, timber, nylon and structural glass to suit all applications

The installation of a well-designed glass balustrade system, using quality materials and construction enhances the visual and tactile nature of a building and influences the way in which the building is perceived as a welcoming and comfortable place to be. It is easy to underestimate the practical contribution a well-designed glass balustrade can make, particularly to elderly or less mobile individuals. It will have an impact on how accessible the building is and has a direct bearing on the health and safety of everyone who uses it. The factory engineered quality of a Clearvue glass Balustrading system offers a more practical, sympathetic and aesthetically pleasing option.

Glass balustrades give a stylish finish and allow uninterrupted views, whilst allowing spaces to feel more expansive. They maximise light and space and are a perfect compliment for protecting any change of level including staircases, balconies and terraces. 

We can design, supply and install and full range of balustrade systems incorporating the above whilst utilising the original design intent, to suit every project requirement.  Frameless Glass Balustrades maximise light and space within the building fabric

The frameless glass is fixed in place by aluminium floor channels with an integrated glass clamp and rubber seals system. Frameless glass balustrades are ideal for commercial buildings which require an uncluttered and minimalistic view; also it is easily adopted for residential use where safety on staircases and landings is paramount. All the glass used in our glass balustrade systems is toughened in accordance with BS EN12600 class 1 with options including clear or tinted grey, bronze, green or blue with the option of acid etching sandblasting or switchable privacy glass or an applied emblem/logo.

The frameless glass balustrade range also includes a low Iron glass option offering reduced iron content and noticeably clearer panel than the standard green hue of standard clear glass used in balustrade applications.

The glass balustrade is capped by either a stainless steel  42.4mm diameter handrail as standard or aluminium top rails which are a warm touch variant and using a comfortable nylon coated finish, which is available in a choice of solid or metallic colours. 
Clearvue glass can reduce the risk of potential breakages from nickel sulphide inclusion when the glass is in situ through the use of heat soaking processing. Prices for this service are available upon request.

 When glass balustrades are structural this usually means without posts or steel framing, This is where the glass panel of the balustrade must take the consideration of a line load to protect occupants from a change in level.. Depending on its application and type of building, a line loan is an applied force at a certain level. Domestic dwellings would have a .74 kn line load whilst a commercial shopping centre would have a 1.5 kn load calculated into the glass thickness, Freestanding screens are normally clamped or held at the base. 

Clearvue glass offer balustrdes industry expertise and a unique package of glass and glazing solutions for internal and external glass balustrade.

 Frameless glass balustrades are a contemporary alternative to timber or aluminium framed systems. It is generally a free standing balustrade system with fewer or no vertical or horizontal supports All frameless glass balustrades protecting a difference in levels, must have a structural element so that in the event of falling it offers protection. Most intended glazing applications require specialist engineering to determine the following.

 •Glass thickness, type, width of panel
•Number of fixings, diameter size, length of point fixing or standoff and length of fixing rod  
•Minimum distance between holes, hole to glass edge and concrete edge

Types of structure construction and width to determine adequacy or strength of the structure to take the loading imposed by the balustrade.

Further to the above, the balustrade must comply to minimum height regulations. Gaps between glass must be in accordance with minimum regulations to avoid finger and body traps

For more information in regard to the Building regulations documents N&K and balustrade loadings to help you have an idea and a guide of the requirements.

 Technical specification:
Toughened in accordance with BS EN 12150 1(C) 1.
• The two systems that we currently offer cater for the 0.74kN and a 1.5kN UDL line loading. To assess which building categories this covers please refer to Table 4 of BS 6399-1. Recommended glass thickness for general building categories:

 0.74 kn/m 15mm and 17.5mm toughened laminate
 1.5 kn/m 19mm and 21.5mm toughened laminate

Please refer to the relevant building regulations and British Standards to assess the overall loading requirements.

• Aluminium channel base is extruded from 6063 T6 aluminium and can be top, flush or side fixed directly to a suitable structure. Top and side fixed bases can be capped or cloaked.

• Oval or tubular top rails extruded from nylon coated aluminium (6063 T6) providing a warm touch finish in cold winter conditions in accordance with clause 5.10.1 of BS 8300.

Clearvue Glass designs, manufactures and installs glass balustrades for a every application, our range of commercial applications including offices, retail and healthcare. We also supply and install glass balustrades to the domestic and residential market