Electric privacy glass


The Brief

To supply electric glass to be incorporated in the  French Hoyez double glass partition systems for one of our discerning clients, the glass was to be installed as the external panels in the systems to give privacy into the meeting room during conferences and internal private meetings the fixed panels are manufactured using 9.5 mm thick using low iron glass toughened and then laminated encapsulating the electric glass film. The doors were to be installed into the Hoyez door frame on 3 stainless steel hinges manufactured using 11.5mm low iron electric glass and were fully complimented with stainless steel back to back handles. 

 Avalon Glass were given the manufacturing glass sizes, to suit  the Hoyez System, The electric glass was manufacture in house here in the UK by Avalon glass and was delivered to site to be installed into the partition system The framed double door sets and single door consisting of electric glass using 11.5mm toughened laminated low iron with stainless steel back to back handles completed the fixed middle screen and side panels and was switched in a single combined motion an Integrated into the automated system for lights , heating, cooling etc.  The electric glass panels had a jigsaw graphics face applied to the screen and doors which gives it a stunning twist and new look whilst still supplying the privacy on demand requirements. Eclipse electrical glass is versatile and is easily installed into a almost every partition systems available in the UK, as well as bespoke applications. The electric glass panels were connected to the transformers an above the ceiling void to minimise disruption in a busy environment and to keep the sight lines as clear as possible