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Design options include deflection heads, recessed ceiling head tracks and shallow base channels

•Double Glazed Glass Partitions
•Fire Performance
•Sound Performance / Acoustic Glass
•Blinds within Double Glazed Glass Partitions
•Switch Film

 Glass Specification

Non-fire rated clear toughened safety glass to the following sizes:

•10mm – maximum height 2700mm
•12mm – maximum height 3000mm
•Maximum module width is 1200mm

 Clearvue Glass frameless and framed doors  are availble in a variety of forms including privacy glass, either framed or frameless, single or double glazed.

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 Glazed Partitions Screens

There are many types of glass partitions to choose from. Factors to consider often dictate the kind of partitioning you want and can have or need. Glass partitions give the office a smart, modern and elegant look.  

                          single glazed partitions                 Double glazed partitions

Our Glass Partition screens offer functionality and a stylish alternative to the standard offfices and room dividers, Glass partitions are availble in both single and double glazed  versions in toughened glass 10,12,15 upto 21.5mm also in both standard and acoustic 10.8mm  and 12.8mm laminated glass offering versatile and practical solutions. 

Clearvue  glass partitions are also availble using 2nd generation privacy glass. We are able to design layouts to suit and using frameless glass partition systems we can combine style with clear visable vibrant spaces.

Glazed partition screens give a modern apppearence to room or office division. These can be free standing glazed screens to full height structural glass, creating endless possibilties whilst keeping a frameless or minimal look.The use of toughened glass and toughened laminated glass allows freedom to make the glass screens bigger and stronger allow light to clearly enhence the spaces of offices atriums and corridors.   

Glass offers seamless design and freedom to create stunning glazed walls,when combined with structural glass elements the possiblties are endless.

For more information on guidance for required loadings in different areas see the table of  British Standard loadings to obtain an quick guide.

 Utilising glass partitions and glazed screens as a room or office dividing screen enables the continuity of natural light and visibity throught the space. Using frameless glass partitions or free standing glass screens, visiblity and stylish functional space can easily be achieved.

The use of acoustic toughened laminated or annealed laminated glass in a glass wall can add a practical and quieter enviroment whilst not reducing visiblty and integrity of the glass and glazed elements.

partition screens

Frameless glass partitions are a great way to create a beautiful office environment. An ideal way to separate work areas yet still allow light and interaction throughout your entire office space.  Our frameless glass partitions are fixed to the existing walls and ceiling of your office using an aluminium frame. To join the glass to glass panels we will either use clear plastic strips and a clear silicon sealant to create a fabulous frameless effect. We take safety very seriously only Toughened safety glass or both standard and acoustic laminated glass,  is used for the glazed panels. These have been tested to the highest safety standards.

Frameless glass Partitions are a perfect glazed partitioning system for normal office use where standard performance is the prerequisite. Sleek, symmetrical head and base tracks, complemented by a slim aluminium door frame and crystal clear dry joints, give the system a minimalist appearance.

A choice of frame colour and several glass door options can be combined to create stylish and modern office spaces,

•Sleek, minimalist appearance - head and base track are both just 25mm in height
•Crystal clear PETg dry joint
•Choice of two glass door options
•This system can achieve up to 33dB (Rw) with 10mm or 12mm thick toughened safety glass. The single glazed system meets the requirements for normal office use based on British Standards and Document N of the Building Regulations.

The aluminium perimeter framework is powder coated, available in Silver (RAL 9006) or White (RAL 9010) as standard and delivered within 4 working doors, other colours are available with a slightly longer lead in time.

 Door Options

We assume a standard door width of 900mm. However we can accommodate most sizes, please contact our sales team for more information. Doors are typically fully glazed to maintain an open aspect. Other door finishes and designs may also be available, please contact our sales team for more information.

Filmed Manifestation

To comply with building regulations fully glazed panels MUST have a manifestation applied. This can be used to simply highlight the location of the panel or create a stunning visual effect using a bespoke design or your corporate logo. Our glass partitioning system uses either 10mm or 12mm toughened glass, where the glass thickness used depends on the height of the partition. The perimeter track is supplied in powder coated aluminium to your choice of BS or RAL colour. Please note that RAL 9006 (Silver) and RAL 9010 (white) are standard.

A comprehensive range of framed and frameless single and double leaf doors are available to integrate within both single and double glazed systems.
Glass doors can be supplied with either patch hinges and a door closer, or with pivots and a floor spring (excluding some high performance door sets).
A range of sliding glass doors can be installed, either supported on surface mounted ironmongery or top track supported rollers. For double glazed installations, the sliding glass doors can open within the glass cavity.
Our frameless glass partitions are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our interior glazing systems are fixed to the existing walls and ceiling of your office using an aluminium frame. Expert friendly staff are on hand to guide you through the process before and after your order.

In addition, glazed atria need to meet the requirements of BS6810, Code of practice for protective barriers in and around buildings. Elisse Partition system can be specified and installed in a number of environments, subject to construction method. For further details, please contact a member of the technical team.
Offering flexible design, Glazed Partitions can be constructed in both single or double glazed.