The Brief

We were contracted by Bam Construction, to help design, supply and install, a high performance electric glass  screen for a unique purpose, the purpose was the screen was to be the entrance and viewing part of a hypo-toxic chamber for the Manchester city first team gym. A Hypo-toxic chamber room is more commonly known as a  climate or controlled environment room, the glass was to have a U value of 0.5 W/m2k and an overall elemental u value of 0.8W/m2k with the frame included on average a u value in a commercial building  has a u value of 1.2W/m2k, the performance characteristics were paramount to the fulfilment of the design brief.

Avalon Glass calculated the necessary glass requirements incorporating low iron 13.5 toughened laminated electric glass, as one of the elements of the insulated glass unit, which was required to be 55mm thick incorporating triple panes and argon filling to both cavities. Then had to research and locate a suitable aluminium framing section which would achieve the required U value, whilst incorporating the triple glazed units to meet the overall U value requirements.

The largest of the five, triple glazed panel was 1500mm x 2500mm in size and weighed in excess of 280 kgs. An integrated wiring harness was implemented to link all of the electric glass units together, allowing only one cable  to lead to the transformer, cutting down on multiple potential area leaks.

These triple glazed electric glass insulated units are probably the highest performing electric glass unit in the UK on U value alone, combining years of experience and technical knowledge, Avalon glass was able meet all of the strict design parameters in U value and air permeability and to make a standard looking framed screen achieve a performance level far greater than it ascetics would have you believe and overall to aid the wellbeing of the of Manchester City Football players to constantly achieve at the highest level in a safe an private environment.