The Brief 

Avalon Glass were presented with the following question: Can your electric glass be supplied as a balustrade? 

Simple answer, we didn't know. As far as we could see this had never been done in the UK, however Avalon Glass do thrive on challenges. After much research and many phone calls with our suppliers, we came up with a solution and were able to tender for a switchable balustrade, approximate 6 meters in length, 1100 in height with a 1.5Kn load.

Then the next question presented it's self. Clear glass balustrade, with LED lights in the base shoe, approximate 8 meters. Plus a glass door into one of the clients private rooms, however no way of using our standard BTS75 floor closer.

Simple answer, no problem.

Avalon glass carried out a full site survey and our design and development team were able to overcome any issues the electric glass being used as a balustrade. This included many bespoke components. 

Using a unique self closing patch fitting we were able to install a glass door, 2.2m in height by 1.1m wide without the need for a floor closer. 

Then using bespoke packers we could lay the LED lights in the bottom of our base shoe so that the glass did not rest of the LED's but instead they ran seamlessly along the full length of the clear balustrade.   

Both balustrades were finished with a stainless steel handrail