We provide Intelligent Privacy Glass with Total Solutions. Not only can we provide the the highest quality privacy glass, we can also supply the total laminated privacy glass solution.   

Clearvue Glass offer a complete turnkey package enabling innovative solutions using electric privacy glass  laminated or double glazed form. We can also advise and offer full technical help on alternative solutions, without compromising quality. Privacy Glass is a polymer dispersed liquid crystal product also well known as: Switchable Glass, Smart glass, Privacy glass, electric glass, magic glass, smart tint
At the flick of a switch, privacy glass products become transparent from a translucent state.

For more information read our case studies or for further information, our Eclipse Electric privacy glass brochure  is available to download

Eclipse Electric Privacy Glass is second generation privacy glass, with the highest specification and offering minimal haze.  We are able to provide cost effective and innovative solutions, combining glass and technology to achieve the total glass solution.
Avalon glass is able to provide a viable and cost effective process, making Electric Glass the professional’s choice for a high standard and competitive price.. Privacy Glass transforms glass, this innovative product also called Smart Glass or electric glass, can transform glazed screens, windows and doors., Privacy glass is an innovative  way of obtaining privacy in and around the office and home.
The Eclipse Electric film is protected by being laminated between two sheets of glass. Laminated glass is an inherently safe product and more durable in certain applications - high traffic areas, office partitions, hospitals, clean rooms etc. For glazed internal office partitions Eclipse Electric glass is available in 9.5mm, 11.5mm,  12.5mm and 13.5mm annealed or toughened laminates using low iron glass for optimum clarity and full versatility.

Privacy Glass can be manually or automatically configured by voltage regulation at any given time ideal for partial visibility to a fully translucence state. Many commercial buildings windows and glazed facades have Solar control coated glass which is tinted to reduce heat gain into the building, this itself has many advantages but also disadvantages, the main one being the reduction of natural light. This leads to artificial lighting becoming one of the single biggest energy resources in the building. The ability to control the use of natural light and reduced energy costs decreasing the buildings carbon footprint is available by using Eclipse privacy glass.

This specialist privacy glass is fully controllable from transparent to translucent enabling a comfortable level of sun glare whilst still maximizing the available the light level. Given the occupiers Instant and precise control of light. When used with a low e coated insulated glass unit the advantages of both reduced heat loss and heat gain are also fully maximized, allowing a high specification of window glass.

Eclipse privacy glass offers extra dimensions to Electric glass, the ability to be dimmed to reduce the level of privacy or translucence state, which minimises sun glare whilst still allowing levels of visibility. Privacy glass is a polymer dimmable electric glass, which ensures the Eclipse Range of Electric glass has the benefits of the latest technology and offers more solutions than ever before. Privacy glass can be used with the suite of switching controls allowing our clients to have the correct product in the right place without having to use a different controller.

Eclipse privacy glass is the choice of interior designers, partition companies and fit out contractors, with high clarity only 5% haze offer unsurpassed clarity with full technical bespoke solutions, privacy glass can be used in almost any part of a building that has a glass content from roof lights to glazed screens and balustrades. We offer a full supply only or supply and install service with full technical knowledge of privacy glass architectural and glazed screens.  Eclipse privacy glass is available in double and triple glazed units and is fully switchable with a wide range of controls.

The Eclipse Electric Privacy glass Range offers dynamic partitioning of space.    

•Light is scattered and provides brighter working space and interiors hence using less internal light to brighten the space
•By controlling light transmission in a matter of milliseconds, glare is instantaneously controlled. Having the ability to control light transmission means the ability to control solar heat gain by the transmission of light and its intensity.
•39db acoustic value as standard in single laminated glass panels
•Glass is translucent when turned off giving privacy when required.
•Increased protection from visual intrusion as visibility of glass is controlled
•Increased acoustic dampening
•Protection from harm